Background on birth control

birth control pills
Birth control pills

Birth control is something that you use to prevent pregnancy. There are many, many birth control methods available today. They range from condoms to birth control pills, from vasectomy to tubectomy. Here, we are going to talk about all the available options.

There are many types of birth control and you need to find the one you’re comfortable with. To find which one is right for you, you first need to learn about the classification.

  • Hormonal birth control. These require a prescription. They are incredibly effective, if used in a proper way. You have about 99% chance of avoiding pregnancy while using birth control pills, shots, etc. You obviously need to consult your doctor first.
  • Barrier methods of birth control. The name is very telling: these block the sperm, they don’t let it reach an egg. These do not require a prescription. The most popular contraception method in the world, male condoms, is this prevalent for a good reason. The condoms are cheap and reliable, they have great durability and they are incredibly effective against STDs. There’s only one downside: male condoms are approximately 80% effective. If you use them perfectly, that number goes up to 98%. There are also condoms for women, sponges, spermicides, cervical caps and several others. They are not as popular as male condoms, mostly due to their inconvenience.
  • Intrauterine devices. These are small plastic devices inserted into your uterus. They protect you from pregnancy for up to five years, depending on the kind of device you’re getting. They prevent pregnancy 99% of the time.
  • Morning after pills. Yes, perfect-case scenario, you shouldn’t resort to them, but things do happen.

Now that you have background information on various types of birth control, let’s talk about proper use. Here’s yet another list for you:

  1. Check the expiration date. Goes without saying, pills become ineffective and condoms break more easily.
  2. Stay confident. Being nervous and overthinking it may ruin the experience for you and cause some unfortunate mistakes along the way.
  3. Store it like you were supposed to. Many people do not pay attention to the instruction, but it’s incredibly important you store your birth control products like you were supposed to.
  4. Read the instruction. Obviously, do not stop to read the instruction while there’s something about to happen. Read it beforehand.
  5. Condom advices. Do not use scissors or teeth to unwrap it. Use the right size. Put them on in a proper way, don’t forget to hold the tip to prevent an air bubble formation.