How to lower your cholesterol level

two veins show common causes of high cholesterol
Common causes of high cholesterol

There are a great many risks related to high cholesterol level, heart attacks and heart disease being two of the most dangerous. There are also many ways you can lower your cholesterol level, both with and without medication. There are many amazing pills that will be able to help you, including Tricor, Zocor and Lipitor. However, if you want to improve your cholesterol with no medications (or enhance their effect), you need to make some lifestyle changes.

1. Change your diet. Even if you’d spent years eating unhealthy foods, these adjustments are going to significantly lower your cholesterol level.

1.1. Healthy fats only. Choose leaner meat, low-fat and monosaturated fats products.

1.2. No trans fats. This one is big. Everybody knows that trans fats increase bad cholesterol while lowering the good one. That’s a risky combination, so you should avoid trans fats at all costs. These are usually found in fried foods and many snacks/sweets.

1.3. More omega-3 fatty acids. They do not affect bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. Many types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

1.4. More soluble fiber. There are exactly two kinds of fiber – one of them being soluble and the other one is insoluble. Both are good for your heart, yet only soluble fiber helps lower your bad cholesterol levels.

1.5. More whey protein. You can find it in stores that specialize in healthy foods.

1.6. More nuts. There are many studies that show that eating almonds, peanuts, walnuts and other kinds of nuts is very good for your heart, also great for your cholesterol.

2. Exercise a lot. It’s no big secret that working out improves your health in general. Unsurprisingly enough, it also helps your blood pressure. Even 30 minutes of working out per day can yield significant improvements. You will lose weight, you will feel healthier and happier.

3. Quit smoking. Just quit, stop. You know it’s bad for you. You know that, in all likelihood, you’re going to live longer. Is smoking that important to you?

4. Lose weight. Closely related to #2 and #1 on our list. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet will help you lose weight, which, in turn, improves your cholesterol levels.

5. Spice it up. Curiously enough, spices like garlic and black pepper (to name a few) can lower your cholesterol level. There’s a neat lifehack in there, as well – eating spicy food reduces your appetite which helps you lose weight.

6. Less stress and more fun. Laughing actually increases your good cholesterol levels. Living a less stressful life and not succumbing to depression is also great for you and your overall health.