Ben userpicBen 14:38

I’m 53. I’ve been using Levitra for 4 years. Usually I divide 20 mg pill into three par or four parts. The effect is very good. Do not take a large dose, you need to choose the best option for yourself.

Valley userpicValley 15:01

Can Levitra be consumed with alcohol?

Admin 15:22

@Valley – It is possible, there is no interaction. But, theoretically alcohol, like the drug, dilates the blood vessels, so there may be dizziness, tachycardia, low blood pressure.

Dan userpicDan 12:15

I am 51, the erection is quite normal not doesn’t last long :(. I tried Levitra, 10 mg., Everything changed, now I can have sexual act several times a day and very good quality act wch time…)

Alex userpicAlex 12:08

I’m 26, and I don’t have any problems. I tried dapoxetine just for fun, it is unreal to come …. not every girl can hadle it …., with the effect lasting even the next day… always such an effect from Levitra?

Admin 16:54

@Alex – Dapoxetine has another function. You should not use this drug without indications. Please, read the description carefully.

DA_O userpicDA_O_ 19:00

I’m 18 years old … I wanna try Levitra, but I’m afraid that it may not work .. what can you advise?

Admin 21:12

@DA_O_ First of all, you should get a consultation with the doctor. At your age, you must be sure that ED pills will not bring harm to your organism.

George userpicGeorge 11:05

56 y.o. The first time I took Levitra for a confidence with a new woman 10 ml. I did not expect such an effect. Five hours of uninterrupted act. But I did not wait for ejaculation. Decided to reduce the dose four times. Duration from 2,5 ml. 2-3 hours.

Alex userpicAlex 14:04

I’m 45, usually I have no problems with potency, but because of nervous work, regular stresses and family problems that had arisen before, nevertheless tangibly hit the “male power”. I decided to try Levitra. I started with a half tablet, i.е. with about 10 mg. Somewhere in an hour I had a new feeling. Penis stood as if I had a real boa in my underpants. I felt like i am 17 y.o. teenager. Highly reccomended treatment!!

Garrett userpicGarrett 20:46

I’m 51 and I can’t imagine my life without Levitra… my wife also :))) amazing drug!

August userpicAugust 21:58

Good afternoon!
Recently I bought the original Levitra – The effect is excellent.
I found on the Internet a cheaper option – generic Levitra – vardenafil. Tell me is it a full-fledged generic or ineffective counterfeit?
Thank you

Admin 15:25

@ August – Generics are produced by different companies. If you buy the generic in a trusted store- the drug should be an exact copy of original one.